YouTube Unplugged, Google online cable television, would arrive in 2017

YouTube is working on its own cable TV service through Internet according to sources. The service would be called YouTube Unplugged, already change from a monthly subscription will offer its customers a pack of TV channels by cable that can connect at any time from the network.

YouTube Unplugged

These same sources claim that YouTube has already prepared the technical infrastructure for their service, and plan to officially release in 2017. Until then will have to ensure the rights of channels to be included, because although they have already started discussions with major US production companies such as Comcast, NBCUniversal, Viacom, Twenty-First Century Fox or CBS, still would not have closed any agreement with any.

It will have several thematic packs
YouTube is considering various scenarios to design their television system. One would offer a package with the four major U.S. broadcast networks, and add some popular cable channels. The other would be to offer small themed packages, as one of comedy in which we would find three or four channels like Comedy Central.

In fact, it is most likely to finish mixing the two scenarios to offer the package system of the conventional cables television, with the difference that YouTube offer through its web and mobile applications. With this, the idea would be to offer the basic package for a price, which can go adding the other theme packs that we are hiring. All packages are priced less than $35.

We took several years of hearing rumors about the incursion of YouTube in the world of television, and have already taken its first steps with payment services like YouTube Red. The last rumor came in December, when the Wall Street Journal was pointing that the next step of YouTube Red would be to offer series and movies, an idea that may have ended perfectly evolving in what now it is known as Unplugged.

Like other services such as Google Fiber, the downside is that it does not seem that Unplugged is going to leave us in the short term. Even so, it will be interesting to see how the assault of Google to this sector and what impact it has on the conventional services.