Yahoo bought Blink, the platform of messages that disappear

The application was developed by a former Google and Apple, and is a direct competitor of Snapchat; will no longer be available; the terms of the acquisition were not published.

Yahoo bought Blink

With a short and concise message on its web site, the developers of Blink, a mobile Instant Messenger application, unveiled that they were acquired by Yahoo! The platform will stop working and the teams behind Blink begin work in the area of web application development for the seeker.

Blink is a product of Meh Labs, a developer of mobile applications Norgan founded by Michelle and Kevin Stephens, a former engineer at Google, Box and Apple. The application, which was launched in April 2013, is an instant messaging platform for mobile phones that lets send text messages, images, and, plus send content that destroys itself after a while of sent. So, Blink is just one of the emerging competitors of Snapchat, who saw many similar services grow in recent months.

Although not announced details of the acquisition itself emerged that Yahoo! will purge the application and add to the seven members of the firm to its team of developers.

Since Marissa Mayer took over the direction of Yahoo!, in July 2012, the search took about forty startups in order to diversify income and add value to the services provided by the company.

Buying Blink and the incorporation of its developers seeks to leverage the operations of Yahoo! in mobile platforms. On the other hand, would allow the search engine to get hot competitive market for instant messaging platforms, which are currently dominated by Whatsapp and Snapchat.