Xiaomi Mi4i: looking for the best mid-range specifications at an aggressive price

Xiaomi had something to introduce today, despite the delay in the presentation, Hugo Barra in New Delhi presented a mid-range terminal that much had been rumored in recent weeks. Its official, the new phone from the Chinese manufacturer called Xiaomi Mi4i.

Xiaomi Mi4i

As already discussed in the last few days, Mi4i abandons the metal frame for the plastic as the main material of the chassis. Leaving this aspect of side, there are supported the keys of design of the company but, eye, let’s not remain alone with the exterior because it has much more that to offer in a line of product that, until now, had not been explored.

The best that can be expected of a midrange
Xiaomi has always been characterized by putting the best possible specifications, taking into account the price at its terminals and the truth is that this Mi4i not disappoint. The terminal has a screen size of 5 inch, IPS LCD technology (developed by Japan Display and Sharp) and Full HD resolution resulting in a density of 441 pixels per inch.

Barra explains in the introduction, the end will come with a couple of functions to get more out of the screen. On the one hand will have what they have defined as Sunlight Display: a technology where the light sensor is used on the front of the terminal to adjust brightness more efficiently and look better in bright light conditions. At the software level there will be a correction of all images for the highlights of the photos look smoother.

Rumors are confirmed for the processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 615. Eight core (four to 1.7 and four to 1.1 GHz) with 64-bit architecture. So far we could not taste the power of this SoC but it looks like it will be a benchmark in the midrange. At side will have 2GB of RAM and 16 inmates, have not given details may be extended with microSD cards or not.

The battery aims to be one of the key aspects: 3120 mAh capacity is a more typical amount of a high-end phone. Normally in this category will usually ranging around 2,600. As a curiosity that this component has been manufactured by Sony and hopefully the results are as good as Sony Xperia Z3. Its promise is a day and a half of battery.

In the camera they want neither commitments nor sensors that do not give good results and that’s why they introduce sensors of Samsung and Sony to offer turned out equally of good that those that there gives the Xiaomi Mi Note. Same choice on both sides and apparently seen the Chinese manufacturer phablet will compete well in this section. Thirteen megapixels in the back and five in the front.

In the presentation focused much on the quality of the front and the software that brings: a beauty mode to correct facial imperfections and the possibility of making selfies quickly without having to press on the screen. Nothing that we have not seen but have options that adds up to the experience of every day. To the rear there will also be automatic HDR mode. Unlike other phones of Xiaomi, color correction is added and reduced noise in low light.

Another section that was expected developments in the software. The presentation should serve as a carpet to present MIUI 6 with Lollipop and so it proved. As an event in India, Barra presented the ROM functions emphasizing that only come to this country as Visual IVR. A system that converts the interactive voice response systems of phone into a map so that we can find options more easily and without having to deal with an answering machine.

Xiaomi Mi4i, price and availability
Xiaomi Mi4i now will focus its sales in India and several Southeast Asian countries including China and Hong Kong. Price: 190 euro. Probably rise a bit much when we buy in online stores but still remain one of the best mid-range options in value.