Would it be possible that in the future the phones do not have screen? Google sees it as well

The way in which people interact with machines has changed. It is Possible, using voice commands, ask your “smartphone” that perform various actions such as internet search a character, make a phone call or send a message.

google future phone

Google Now or Siri are examples of virtual assistants in the field of consumption, but this technology has been developing for over forty years. The next challenge for Google, working for several years in this kind of techniques is to radically change the way people use phones getting smarter.

The head of Google, Scott Huffman, engineer has predicted that, soon, “we will see a generation of display devices that are not based on voice recognition”. In an interview with ‘The Guardian’, the expert explained that company has realized significant growth in research tools and voice recognition, which has been achieved with the recent improvements of these systems have incorporated devices, which has encouraged people to begin to adapt.

“We are looking for a future where we have a wide variety of devices. We have supercomputer in our pocket, but also in our watch, our glasses and our laptop”, he said. “Some of these have a screen and a keyboard, but others are not given the increase in numbers of users interacting with their devices through speech recognition”, he also said.

Although Google has not offered the percentage of users who regularly use voice controls on Android devices, it is estimated that about 3% of the U.S. population uses daily. More than half the population of that country has a “smartphone” with voice control and two-thirds of people are aware of their existence, according to data provided by Scott Huffman. In fact, just under half of these people use the word more than once a month and one in five use it every day.

Aware of this, Google has launched a pilot project for broad device augmented reality Google Glass, which hit the market in 2014. This project enables portable computing offer basic instructions, take photos and video or search through voice commands. Extending this philosophy that believes the company’s Mountain View Google search through voice commands even in Chrome. Thanks to a browser extension, you can use the ‘software’ without using hands, as is the case with the Google Glass and Nexus 5. Will this be the future of the machines?

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