With a focus on measurement: Lytro launches its new camera Illum

The company just announced a high-end version, equipped with light field technology, which enables manual focusing portraits.

Lytro Illum

With its previous model, Lytro burst onto the scene from the cameras with a novel device that allowed after you shoot, adjust the focus of a picture manually. That first version had a particular design, which was more like a small telescope than a device to take pictures.

In a second version, Lytro has launched a new version of the device, called Illum and also has a special sensor that captures all information related to the intensity of light which is recorded on the element in focus. Like its predecessor, it is one of the light field cameras, allowing a photo that provides interaction with multiple foci.

Lytro was one of the first companies to offer this feature, which now takes HTC camera in its new smartphone One M8.

Unlike the first model, the Lytro Illum features similar to the traditional digital camera, equipped with a wide 4 inch screen and 8x zoom. The device will leave the U.S. market in July with a price of $1599.