Whatsapp will share your conversations with Facebook

The new version of Whatsapp points to a privacy policy something controversial: the application will ask you permission to share your conversations with Facebook.


According to the menu itself, it will serve to “enhance your experience with Facebook”, which presumably translates to read your conversations to show more relevant ads on the social network. Facebook makes their advertisers get better targeted advertising segmented according to your profile.

It gives the impression of which yes it will be the default option, but we can cancel it at any time indefinitely. We knew that this practice was going to come sooner or later, and operate many of the services we use every day on the Internet – including those of Google.

The find coincides with the time with the news about that WhatsApp will stop receiving its annual subscription and will not place ads. (Will not WhatsApp havee ads, but Facebook will improve?). It also marks two years of with selling to Facebook for 19,000 million dollars.