What you need: A USB drive for ‘tablets’ and ‘smartphones’

Sony has presented a range of USB flash memory specifically designed for use in “smartphones” and “tablets” with two connectors: a USB 2.0 connector and a standard micro-USB connector on the opposite side of the device.

USB drive for tablets

The new device fits most Android tablets and smart phones to allow users to transfer and view photos and videos without the need for cables, and as well as transfer files. As Sony said on its official blog, taking pictures is the third most common use for a ‘smartphone’, so the need for a multifunction device is growing.

“These new units combine comfort, quiet performance and are perfect for mobile multitasking”, said the marketing director of Sony Electronics consumption, Viviano Cantu. USB devices will be available in capacities of 8.16 and 32GB.

In addition, consumers can use the drives as additional storage of large data files like movies or personal music libraries to their phones or tablets. The connector is protected with two different covers, one on each side, the two connectors to protect it from damage. To use this connector, the device you connect must have a Android version equal to or greater than the 4.0.3.