WatchGuard launches new firewalls for SMEs

More and more SMEs are the focus of cyber attacks, which are no less sophisticated than those that target large companies. To do this, WatchGuard Technologies has introduced new series of powerful firewalls for corporate environments, specifically designed to protect small and medium enterprises anywhere.

watchGuard firebox

The new next-generation firewalls and appliances for unified threat management of WatchGuard Firebox M200 and M300, are up to 218% faster than other models, and up to 385% faster in HTTPS inspection. This enables greater performance, which is critical since the encrypted traffic is expected to represent 75% of total Internet traffic in 2016.

The new Firebox M200 and M300 execute the WatchGuard Fireware operating system. They feature the latest generation of Freescale multicore processors, in order to guarantee the correct execution of all engines of the UTM and NGFWs without performance being affected at any time. Both appliances support the RapidDeploy technology, simplifying deployment for SMEs, which typically have fewer resources and technical staff.