Underbed Lift: A television that is hidden under the bed

It is a 50-inch television, equipped with a telescopic arm that allows slide under the bed. How? With a remote control. A button is pressed and television shows in less than a minute (35 seconds) before us.

underbed lift tv

To keep it is the same process, press the button and the display disappears under the bed. The viewing angle is offering total. Imagine, 50 inches to the foot of the bed … yes, it will look pretty good.

This device belongs to MK1Studio. If you want to revel in the possibilities of modern space saving in the home without giving up those equipment’s that we love, you can buy one.

As discussed from MK1Studio “We invented the concept and have been tuning it for almost a decade”. The panel 50″ is accompanied by amplifiers, DVD, VCR, Subwoofer and 7 channel surround sound, with a 42″ screen and all on the same device.