UltraTuner: App for tuning instruments

IK Multimedia, the leader in apps and accessories for mobile music creation for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, is proud to announce UltraTuner™, the app’s most accurate chromatic digital instrumental tuning for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. UltraTuner is available as a single app for iPhone and iPod touch or purchase within the AmpliTube app for iPhone and iPad (all versions).


10x more accurate than a mechanical tuner galvanometer
UltraTuner presents a tuning process faster, fluid and responsive than all other tuning apps, and is accurate to less than a hundredth of a cent – beyond human perception of tones, making it 10 times more accurate than a mechanical tuner galvanometer (considered the standard base of tuners).

UltraTuner accurate detection is achieved using a method unique dual analysis process which enables the interpretation of the incoming note frequency more accurately. The fast response makes it easy tuner tuning a mechanical instrument. The accuracy of UltraTuner precision makes the perfect tuning app to tune string instruments like guitar or bass, and offers precision less than.01 (1/100) of a cent, making it ideal for calibrating electronic instruments like synthesizers classic.

The accuracy and speed of UltraTuner provides interpreters and engineers with a professional instrument tuner pocket size always in hands with two basic modes of operation: Scenario and Studio.

Scenario Mode
When used in Scenario mode, UltraTuner is a direct instrument tuner, ultra-precise presenting a single, and simple, easy to use in low light interface. It has a visual graduate of sharp and flat tone to indicate degrees, and when the note is in tune, the visual is displayed in green. UltraTuner uses the entire screen of the device for narrow, easily visible from a distance of less light scenarios.

Studio Mode
In Studio mode, UltraTuner provides tracking tone – allowing interpreters observe the tone through time. This is especially useful in the study to monitor the pitch of no chromatic instruments as voices, violins and metals etc… during recordings and very useful for training voice or instrument.

Studio mode also offers two different views: The visual tone over time shows the accuracy of the note to be played and decay. The display oscilloscope waveform shows the flat notes and sustained animation showing a wave moving to the left if the note is flat, completely still if the note is in tune, and moving to the right if the note is sharp. These visualizations help reference notes easy and fast to play an instrument or color not sing in the studio.

Fast calibration
In the settings window, interpreters can calibrate the note “A”, set the type of temperament, set the key to observe and adjust the audio sensitivity. UltraTuner can use the built-in device for the audio input microphone, and works with all interfaces of analog or digital audio of IK for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, as iRig HD, iRig PRO, iRig STOMP, iRig and iRig MIC.

Key Features
Innovative patented tuning process to provide the highest level of responsiveness and accuracy with resolution to 0.01 cent.

  • Two modes: Scenario and Studio.
  • Large visual indicator visible from distance mode (scenario).
  • History tuning to see variations through time (studio mode).
  • Selection of temperaments includes: Equal, Pythagorean, just larger, 1/4 comma mean-tone, Relations III, Werckmeister III, young and Kellner.
  • Useful not only to refine, but not for training chromatic instruments.

Price & Availability
UltraTuner is now available as an individual app Store App StoreSM for iPhone and iPod touch for $4.99/ €4.49, or purchase within the AmpliTube application for iPhone (Free versions/LE/Full), and AmpliTube for iPad (Free versions/ Full).