Ubuntu 14.04 LTS available for download

As usual in April, Canonical released a new version of Ubuntu, the Linux distribution for non-expert users. This is the 14.04 Trusty Tahr (all versions of Ubuntu have animal name, in this case, the Tahr, a close relative of the goat).

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

The version available for download is the Ubuntu considers LTS (Long Term Support), ie, applications that includes have security updates for 5 years, and published every two years, unlike other versions of Ubuntu that are published every six months, which have only 9 months insured security updates.

This edition is optimized for devices with high resolution screens, touch and trackpads, multi-touch, at the time that added a modified version of GNOME 3.10 to give life to Unity, the user interface that debuted in 2010; a more powerful internal searcher and menus integrated to the windows of the applications, and windows applications without border, among other cosmetic changes.

Like other Linux distributions, Ubuntu is free and online, and to install it on a PC enough to download an installation file of almost 1 GB in size, save as a DVD image and then have the PC to boot from the DVD (or run it from a USB) memory; Alternatively you can run an application on the DVD/USB that allows you to install Ubuntu in a folder within Windows (without changing the Windows) to prove it; decided not to use it if you can uninstall it and leave everything as it was.