Two Spaniards created a device to hack a car in five minutes

Javier Vazquez-Vidal and Alberto Garcia have developed the so-called CAN Hacking Tool (CHT), a device that is installed in the car and allows control through Bluetooth in less than five minutes. Then, “we could wait a minute and then activate it to do anything for which we have programmed it”, explains Vazquez-Vidal, who works as a security consultant and information technology in Germany, in an interview. So hack a car to drive it from a computer.

CAN Hacking Tool

In recent months, the growing presence of technological elements connected in new cars, and many have begun to express concern about the potential danger to drivers the risk of your vehicle being hacked. Now, two Spanish researchers have given them reason.

But both researchers want to go further. Aware that the Bluetooth limited to few feet control of the vehicle, Garcia and Vazquez-vidal are working on a model that works through the GSM radio system – the old 2G mobile coverage system, with a view to the presentation of the CHT in the Black Hat conferences that will be held in Singapore next month.

After you connect the gadget to the CAN Bus(the system for controlling the engine and networking electronic control units) of the vehicle that is going to hack, you may access the alarm control, windows, lights, connected system and the wheel brake through a computer. “A car is a mini network and, for now, there is no type of security implemented”, says Alberto Garcia.

Thus, the device developed by these two Spanish researchers again stressed on security gaps that have vehicles as technology advances networked, highlighting once again the urgent need to adopt a regulation respect to ensure the integrity of the vehicle and its occupants against these threats.