Twitter restores the ability to block unwanted followers

Twitter restores the ability to block unwanted followers, reversing a change in the privacy policy that caused strong criticism among users.

twitter block unwanted followers

The company announced this Thursday changes in the lock function but in few hours the vice president of products of Twitter, Michael Sippey, indicated the way back.

“We decided to reverse the change after receiving feedback from many users”, said Thursday night in the company blog.

“We never wanted to introduce changes at the expense of users feel less secure. Any blockage would have done previously in effect continues”, he said.

The retreat came after the Californian Company modified the locking mechanism and allow unwanted followers retweeted, a tweet or select view public messages in the accounts of people had blocked.

Users expressed concern about potential harassment or abuse and launched a campaign on social networks to which the function is restored.

Sippey said that Twitter will continue to explore options to protect users from abuse and reprisals.