Twitter acquires a service to capture and share video

Microblogging social network announced today the purchase of “SnappyTV”, a service that lets you capture streaming video, edit and share their fragments.

twitter acquire snappytv

“It’s important for us to provide tools that make it easier to TV stations, companies and producers, share high quality videos. To do this, we have agreed to acquire SnappyTV”, said Twitter in a statement released today, which did not specify the amount of the transaction.

In this way, San Francisco-based Company seeks to have a better approach to content in video and in real time for their users.

SnappyTV is defined as “a video editing platform that allows users to cut clips of live events and share them instantly” on social networks. It also offers the possibility of incorporating commercials before the reproduction of parts.

Examples of Twitter users could already see posted on their profiles show goals from football, played basketball or outstanding awards.

“We have worked with major content partners in the world to introduce the best video content on the conversation in real time, directly from your TV to your mobile device”, the statement continued.

For now, SnayppyTV is closed to the general public and serves on request.

The fact comes days after the presentation of “Twitter Amplify”, a program for advertisers in the social network that includes new advertising formats such as video.