Tried QX10: Sony lens that turns the phone into a camera

We got our hands on one of Sony devices that probably the most original and innovative of those were presented at IFA this year.

sony QX10

This is a new concept camera, lens-shaped, which can be coupled to any mobile phone (Android or iPhone) and be handled by it.

This lens allows equipping the mobile in a few seconds with a 20 megapixel sensor and an optical zoom of x10, under the Cyber-shot names QX100 and QX10.

The goal, which is actually a complete camera, but without viewfinder has clamps that allow you to engage a smartphone.

The mobile device is connected to WiFi Direct (must be sought, only the first time, in the list of WiFi networks available to the mobile) or NFC and is controlled by an app (Play Memories), available in both the App Store and Google Play.

Once connected, you can see through the mobile screen everything the camera focusing. The result is spectacular. Also we can unhook the target of the phone and hold it with our hand, for example, make us a self-portrait or a difficult angle in a photograph.

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