Tricks to play Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers has turned out to be an endlessly popular running game. It is an addictive arcade and action game developed by Kiloo Games and Sybo Games. The player in the game has to run as fast as he can. A number of obstacles will come in the way, which must be dodged to get through each level. You are free to choose the character for the game. You will have to make him escape from the grumpy inspector and his pit-bull.

Subway Surfers

The game begins as the railway inspector catches the character spray painting the train coaches. The character has to escape from the inspector steering through lanes and tunnels. On the way, the character will get power and he will collect coins too. A strategic play will be required if you want to enjoy this endless game.

Subway Surfers have an exciting gameplay. You will get to unlock a number of funny characters, as you buy stuff from the market or collect objects. The more you play, the more you will enjoy.

The game has received updates too. World tour visit has been added too. The player can get on a teleporter board, which will let him jump from side to side. The update has brought new outfits for other characters in the game. Google play has rated it 4.5/5.

You can play Subway Surferson iOS devices and Android devices alike. If you think that the game is a little tough, no worries there are some tricks that can let you pass all the obstacles that are coming your way. Here take a look at them:

  • Jetpack jump if used in the right way can help the player quite effortlessly. It can let the player jump to a great height. It is important to use it at the right moment otherwise the player will fall. Once you see the jetpack, grab it at once, and wear it. You can use the jetpack to fly. Keep on flying till it runs out of fuel. Swipe up as soon as you can once you have taken the last coin. It will let the player jump in the air highly. Make sure that your player lands on top of the train.
  • The running backwards feature is quite a helpful trick too. To use this feature, the player must grab the mystery box, power up and a mega headstart. You can also buy it. As soon as you begin, the players will start to kill themselves. Click on the headstart and activate it. You will then start flying backwards. It won’t be easy to master this trick. You may succeed after several attempts.
  • Miami Special board is also a great cheat. You can access it by going to device settings. You will have to change the time to May 30, 2013. This will restart the game and you will get to browse the board section. See if the Miami special board is available.