Trax: New intelligent GPS tracker to monitor your children and pets

Parents with young children walk like crazy (and concerned) by trolley where their little ones are at all times. That material instinct is similar to having pet owners. Therefore, enterprise software developers and hardware have been devised in recent years for devices “have them controlled”.

Trax GPS tracker

A new round of leaf is the Trax, a device (and application) that provides traceability in more than 30 countries offers. Wonder Technology Solutions (WTS), a technology startup company based in Sweden, launched this “brilliantly intelligent” system according to its creators and an application that allows users to locate their children and pets at all times and “in any part”. The system is designed for ‘smartphones’ mobile devices and computers.

It features a durable silicone case waterproof enduring falls, water, mud, snow and other environmental factors. It also includes advanced technology that sends alerts when a child or pet leaves the designated area, the battery is low or the device falls or exceeds a predetermined speed.

“We developed the GPS tracker Trax as parents and pet owners needed a small and easy to use device to be near loved ones. The development of inland navigation make Trax something particularly unique and useful”, explains Fredrik Danelius, cofounder and CEO of WTS.

The GPS tracker can locate through a free application that features real-time tracking, safe areas and augmented reality. The application also allows safe areas of limited and unlimited time. For example, a safe area can be activated while a child is in school and in a different area when a child is in the park.

The application also provides access to other Trax GPS tracker for a specific time period, such as when a dog is with walker or when a child is with a babysitter. Trax is available at a price of 199 euros; the price included two years of data and frees roaming in more than 30 countries. ‘Online’ customers in some European countries may also select a subscription plan with a monthly fee costs 6.49 euros without advance a two-year contract. The system will be sent in December and Trax application will be available in the App Store and Google Play. Applications for Windows Phone and tablets are in development.

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