Top Tips to Keep Your Computer Running at an Optimal Level

Computers cost a whole lot of money; we all know this. They are elite machines that help us to get work done, and without them many of us would be in a bit of a pickle. That’s why it’s important we keep our computers running at an optimal level. We can’t do this forever; after a while, some computers will become obsolete and need to be replaced. However, following these tips will keep yours going for as long as possible. Try them and see!

keep computer running

Install Antivirus Software
You should never use a computer without making sure you have antivirus software first. Some more advanced machines will come with this software built into it, while others may come with 1 years free to entice you to buy. Bear in mind that just because you have it when you first bought your computer doesn’t mean you still have it. Antivirus will often expire, and you’ll need to renew it. Make sure you keep on top of it to keep any nasty viruses at bay. Without the right software, you can get stung by a virus no matter how careful you are. This can often mean the end of your computer if you aren’t careful!

Keep Documents on the Cloud Where Possible
By keeping important documents on the cloud, they won’t be clogging up your computer memory. You also have the added benefit of being able to access them from anywhere, and knowing they’re safe no matter what happens to your computer.

Use Cleaning Software to Speed it Up
Sometimes, your computer just needs a little clean in order to speed it up. Cleaning software will find things on your machine that you don’t even know are there, so they can be deleted and you can once again enjoy a fast computer. You’ll need different software depending on your machine, like Mackeeper for a Mac, for instance. You have other options too, if you question how safe Mackeeper is<. Do a little research! Uninstall Things You Don’t Use
Do you have programs on your computer that you never use? Uninstall them. It isn’t difficult; simple right click and choose ‘uninstall’. Just make sure you don’t make the mistake computer newbies make and delete the icon only. The icon will be gone from your desktop but the program will still be on your machine.

Update Your Operating System
Your computer will probably remind you every so often that you need to update your operating system. If you’re busy, it can be tempting to click ‘remind me later’. However, the more you do this the slower your machine will be getting. It may even be more prone to getting viruses. Make sure you update your operating system as often as you need to so your computer runs at its best.

Buy More Memory
In some cases, you may be taking up a lot of your computer memory with programs and other things. Buying more memory may help to speed up your computer and give you a better experience. It’s always best if you can keep some memory free on your machine.

Your computer should last a very long time if you use these tips!

Image source: flickr