Tips to level up faster in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go fever continues in full swing and here are some quick tips to level up as quickly as possible.

Pokémon Go

Walk constantly when using incense
The actual game code specifies that when you stay still in the same place, the incense attracts a new pokémon every five minutes. However, if you move the ratio passes to a new pokémon every sixty seconds as long as you have moved at least 200 meters.

Walk straight
Speaking of walking, on Reddit have discovered that the game measures the distance covered with regard to the last point of measurement. In other words, if you walk in a straight line will measure the whole covered distance, but if you do around the block it will only count the distance to which you should be of the last measurement.

Never despise a pokémon
The game is full of Pidgeys, Caterpies and Weedles. There are a plague, yes, but do not despise them. Hunt them all. To make them evolve only requires 12 candies and each evolution provides 500 experience points.

Use the eggs of luck to evolve batch
Do not rush to evolve these Pidgeys (or any other pokémon). Accumulate several evolutions and activates a lucky egg before carrying them out. That multiplies your experience by two.

Use incubators with head
Disposable incubators have only three uses. Do not waste it with eggs that open to two kilometers. Instead you use them with eggs that are activated every ten, and book short cycle eggs for incubator series with infinite uses.

Choose which Pokémon you want to convert to Evee
Evee evolves in three different and powerful creatures, but that evolution is random… or not. There is a trick by which, if you change your name to Evee just before evolve it, you control what becomes. Call Rayner if you want to become Vaporeon, Sparky, if you want a Jolteon, or Pyro if what you are looking for is a Flareon.