This USB charger is a computer with Linux inside and it can fit at home

If something the Raspberry type microcomputers have shown us is that we can have a full computer in a very small device. We have seen all formats but the latest creation from Chris Robinson is useful and equally curious. He has managed to cram a Linux computer on a USB charger as you use to recharge the battery of your mobile.

USB charger

To do it, it has taken a ODROID-W plate, compatible with Raspberry Pi, and Chris has managed to install it on a USB charger with Raspbian OS operating system. The best of all? We ourselves can, with a little light banter, do to ourselves on our own microcomputer in house.

Included power supply
Mount it costs about 50 euro and Robinson explains step by step how to modify the charger (is a particular model) so we can modify the electrical system, install the plate, and a microSD card where in addition to storing data we can install the operating system itself.

In eleven steps we’ll have it ready and although takes a little skill is not particularly complex. Do not be alarmed with the website; every move we have to do is accompanied by a picture to see exactly what we have to do.
What can we do once we have it mounted? As you know, this platform allows many uses but, to name a few, can use it as a VPN, a relay for TOR or even as media server to manage series and movies between devices that we have at home.