This robot will be the feeling of any child’s birthday party

The picture that you see on these lines corresponds to the Highly Dexterous Manipulation corresponds to System (HDMS) being developed by the company RE2 Robotics and which, despite its name seriously, notable for something special: can create creatures with balloons as if it were a clown. A priori may seem silly, but it is quite delicate and difficult operation to achieve, since the balloons burst easily.


These robotic arms are shaped of torso, but its leaders say it have twice the strength of a human without losing accuracy in their metal hands. Plus, it’s lightweight (weighs 15 kilos but can lift up to 50), moves with speed and can easily adapt to any means of transport, as it has been specially designed to work in mobility. Then we leave a video where you can see it in action:

Its accuracy also allows it, for example, open a zipper of a potential suspect package without moving its content, making it ideal for more serious missions that make creatures with balloons, such as military tasks or to public safety. Tie a knot, close a latch, cutting paper with scissors to make figurines crafts … There seems to be a task that can resist.