This Pong table is all mechanical and is already reality

Pong was the first videogame that broke records, created by Atari in 1972 has exceeded the expectations of the world. Even today, it’s still an example game to start programming. Pong will bury us all, but while, a group has created a table with a mechanical Pong that you can buy now.

pong table

Only suitable for the most geeks, there is a project appears in Kickstarter that puts on sale tables with physical games of Pong. There is technology here, but very little of digital technology.

This table, for two people, uses a magnet to move the moving piece and two motors to move the players’ tokens that are controlled with two dials on the sides. The operation is quite simple, the moving piece moves in straight lines unless the player’s token rebounds. If you can touch one of the sides, it is considered a goal and added to the score.

In addition, and for some reason, it includes several USB ports that are used to charge the battery of your mobile.

The project started with three friends without any training in electronics a year ago. In this video you can see how they created the first prototype. Now, the idea is to create this table in series, initially relying on Kickstarter to get the funds that allow them to continue creating.

The project is in Kickstarter and to get one of these tables it needs to be disbursed about $1,000, sending apart across Europe, Canada or USA.

It is available in four different styles, with the Pong logo, in black, brown or white. In addition, there is a version signed by Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, that costs $5,000 and in limited edition of 5 units.