This is the new Google’s Robot Army

The internet giant bought Boston Dynamics, a company specializing in robotics that mimics animal movement.

Google's Robot Army

They are alive but they move as if they were. So are most of the robots developed by the U.S. Company Boston Dynamics that has just been bought by Google. This company has gained reputation for creating robots for the Pentagon and other military projects of the U.S. Army.

Among his robots “Army” is high, a humanoid robot designed for high mobility “negotiate outdoors, in difficult terrain”, explained from the Boston Dynamics website.

Atlas can walk on two legs of metal and wires, leaving its two upper limbs free for lifting, loading or handling more things. It is designed for difficult terrain in Atlas can move without problem or break through. It has hands designed to use tools, just as it would a human.

It has 28 hydraulic joints, two arms, two legs, feet, hands and head and torso sensor. Also includes camera and a laser rangefinder. Multiple copies of the Atlas robot have been offered to U.S. government agency DARPA.