This application blocks cell of your children until he return call

Smart phones are a means of independence for children. Allow them to communicate with whoever they want, consumes any content and, in some cases, even buy things (which can be a problem). But cell phones are also a great tool for parents to keep in touch with their children, either by texting or calling.

Ignore no More

However, nobody likes to be controlled, especially when they’re young. So ultimately, parents always have to trust that the children’s are going to take call or answer her text messages. The problem arises when the latter does not happen.

Tired of seeing your child doesn’t answer the calls, the developer of software Sharon Standifird developed Ignore no More. This application allows parents to block their children’s phone remotely whenever they will not answer the calls. The software blocking any functionality of the cell and allows only call security number (which is possibly the parents) to ask for the key to re-enable the device again.

The application is priced at two dollars per computer and is compatible only with Android phones. However, Mountaineer Technology Ventures, the firm responsible for the development of this application, said that they are working on a version for the iPhone.

This is not the first (nor will it be the last) application that lets you use the phone to keep the kids under control. Thanks to the GPS function to bring almost all smartphones, parents have a set of options to keep an eye on where are their kids without having to be calling them by phone.

Also, of course, you can have a conversation with them to understand the value of being communicated with his family, and that avoids them to transform the above mentioned into an obligation.