The new smart pots alone watering the plants

A new intelligent flowerpot not only detects if the plants have enough light and fertilizer: well watered as needed for each. The smart pot called Parrot Pot, which was exposed in the international exhibition of electronics in Las Vegas, will be released worldwide this year by Parrot, the manufacturer known so far for their drones and communication systems.

Parrot Pot

Sensors in the pots measure light, humidity, temperature and level of fertilizer to determine if plants are receiving them in adequate amounts, said Vanessa Loury, Parrot, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015).

In the Parrot Pot there is also water to activate the automatic irrigation, ideal for plants in an empty apartment for the holiday. Each pot has a tank with a little more than two liters, enough water to irrigate the plant up to a month, depending on their type, according to the company.

Unlike conventional methods (such as drip irrigation using a bottle and a serum tube) the system is able to determine exactly how much water the plant needs.