The new Internet Explorer 11 would win market share

The new Internet Explorer 11 launched last October and it was already included in the new Windows 8.1 in just two months of life has already achieved a 3.27% of the total number of users are using it.

internet explorer 11

In just the last month its market share has risen two points. Since its launch date, the number of users who use it has not stopped growing and the new Microsoft browser has already arrived and a 3.27% of market share.

In this study, several conclusions can be drawn and the first is that the new Internet Explorer 11 is savoring to the public. Not only to users who have thanks to having installed Windows 8.1 as there are also many that have been downloaded the browser for use with other operating systems.

In regard to other browsers that user’s use Internet Explorer 8 is still the most widely used and in second place we find IE 10 with a 17.50% share.

The third to complete the podium, Firefox 25 is having a 10.4% market share and fourth find IE 9 and fifth and finally, there is the Google browser, Chrome 31 with a 6.77% of users.

As is clear, the Internet Explorer in its various versions, share the 58.36% of the market with what is still the leader. Secondly enough away is Firefox with 18.54% and Chrome is the last with 15.44% market share.

Finally, we find other more minor browsers like Safari with 5.90% and Opera with 1.39%.

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