The Lumia 950 and its official

After so many leaks, the new mobile flagship of Microsoft is here and came with a few tricks up its sleeve. It was confirmed that the device is called “Lumia 950” and has a 5.2 inch OLED display which runs at a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels (WQHD).

Lumia 950

With respect to processing power, this device has a Snapdragon 808 processor and 3GB RAM. Not only that, but according to Microsoft, the Lumia 950 also has Fluid Cooling (yes, really). Its rear camera “PureView” also stands with 20 megapixels and triple LED flash, while selfies lovers will have a front camera of 5MP with a wide angle that reduces the need for selfie sticks.

Best of all is that the front camera not only serve for selfies, since Microsoft also included an infrared sensor that analyzes our faces using Windows Hello technology that we can unlock our mobile just look at the camera.

Among the extra features, it was confirmed that the Lumia also possess Windows Continuum, the function of which we spoke before allowing us to turn the smartphone on a desktop either complete wirelessly or with the help of a dock special that includes USB ports and HDMI for our monitors and peripherals.

And fulfilling the expectations of future compatibility, this new Lumia will feature USB type-c as its port for charging and data transfer.

Microsoft also announced that there will be an XL version of this device, which will obviously be larger but do not yet have all the details. Like the other new Lumias, the 950 will be released in November by a relatively expensive price of $549.

Is the new Lumia a disappointment?
It seems our fears were true; Microsoft demonstrated Windows 10 is the OS of the future but unfortunately its new mobile flagship failed to highlight among the guests and probably does not do so within the market. It is a pity, but after all the excitement generated by the new Nexus and iPhone, Microsoft will have to risk a little more if you want your smartphone division again be forgotten.