The Logitech ConferenceCam Connect puts quality videoconference where we need it

Although there are many applications and services that enable video calling quality from our own devices, professional solutions are better options in office environments when it comes to group conferencing.

Logitech ConferenceCam Connect

The new proposal called Logitech ConferenceCam Connect, is priced at about 550 euro, and we wanted to highlight it by its internal battery, the 1080p quality and its integration with smartphones.

Being portable and lead battery that offers up to three hours of battery life, this solution can be carried from one place to another (weighs less than 800 grams) of office rooms can accommodate up to 6 people.

At the technical level features a Carl Zeiss lens with viewing angle of 90 degrees, which can remotely control to zoom, offers 1080 p video quality, and two omnidirectional microphones have integrated noise reduction system.

But the highlight of this Logitech solution, compatible with all video conferencing systems is its connectivity and integration of the smartphone world. The video camera can connect USB or wirelessly (bluetooth) with a computer, HDMI output leads and it is compatible with Miracast, being able to pair route via NFC mobile devices from which we send content to be replicated in mirror mode easily.