The latest WhatsApp beta allows you to invite people to groups through links

WhatsApp still works on improvements for its implementation. Recently released their desktop client to use it from computer, and video calls are increasingly close. But we recently learned of another new feature that could come very soon to instant messaging app.

whatsapp beta

It is the ability to invite other users to join a group through a web link, similar to how you can already do in Telegram. Thus, WhatsApp groups would become a more open meeting point, and would not be limited only to people we know and whose phone number we have on the agenda.

The new feature has appeared in the latest version of WhatsApp Beta, a form of special app for testing. And most surprising is that it is testing in the version for Windows Phone, and not on iOS or Android – that would be what everyone expects. In any case, it is assumed that this new feature will follow the usual channel in these cases: tests WhatsApp Beta, adjustments if necessary, and finally incorporating as a novelty for the client in any of their upcoming versions.

And of what does the invitation consist exactly by means of a link? In this function, each group of WhatsApp will have an associated web link, a unique address that the administrator of the canal can copy and paste anywhere. In this way, anyone who has the link of a particular group can enter it without anyone invited him previously.

It will no longer be necessary, therefore, to know a person to put it in the group, even not having their phone number. The groups will be a place of public meeting, which will be accessible through a simple web link.

WhatsApp would have to change more things
The possibility of inviting users to groups through a public link is a feature that is already available in Telegram, in so -called “supergroups” – which can have up to 5,000 members.

Since these groups can grow quite large, Telegram adds further new functions for the administrator can better manage as functions to block or report those who do spam, or to set an important message at the top of the group so that everybody reads it on having entered.

Moreover, if WhatsApp plans to add this feature, perhaps would have to consider increasing the limit of members of their groups (which is currently 256 users), as well as add new features from users and privacy of information management, in order to be able to better control a group that could quickly be massive.