The ends of the USB connector will be the same in the new version

Finally, when we go to buy a USB to some of our devices, we will not need to look at whether we need USB connectors of different sizes, as the creators of USB (Universal Serial Bus) have reported that the next version device; the cable connectors are identical on both sides. This new version have called USB Type-C and is available for 2016.

USB connector

The reason for introducing into the market this new type of USB is going into market competition, since Apple currently has the Lightning cable, designed for enterprise devices, identical on both sides and much smaller than its predecessor.

The group is creating the USB Type-C is Promoter, composed of representatives of Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Renesas Electronics, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments and, according to its president, Jeff Ravencraft, “consumers want products that are more slender and elegant, our company recognizes that need”. He added that the change is not related to the change that Apple introduced with the Lightning cable.

Other news of the USB Type-C:

  • Lower-Size: its will similar to the micro-USB format dimensions.
  • High-power: 100 watts.
  • 10Gbps transfer rate, doubling the current rate.
  • Compatibility with future updates of designs.