The dangers of using earbud headphones

The earbuds are practical, comfortable and discreet, however, there are certain dangers associated with their use that must be considered before listening to music with it.

using earbud

The earbuds are very popular among music fans of all ages, but if not used correctly, can result in serious damage to the ear, such as otitis or irreversible deafness, so know its correct use is essential to enjoy them without suffering consequences.

Volume control
The volume at which allow you to listen the music players is not adapted to the earbud headphones, but to large headsets, which are placed on the ear, but not enter therein.

This means that if you listen to music at high volume, may be receiving decibels above the level of security, which originates in the medium-term partial deafness, and long-term total deafness.

The way to know if the music is too loud is helping a person to be placed next to the person using the earbud headphones. The next person should not perceive the heard music, then earbud headphones were designed for the music heard only by your carrier. If people located around the will listen, is a clear indication that the volume is harmful to your hearing.

Do not share earphones
The earbud headphone is inserted into the ear, so if you share with a person who has or is incubating a otitis, this may be infected to the others who use the headphones.

If you want to share your music with friends, it is preferable that each use their own headphones; and if you want to hear at the same time with the same device, it is best to use a port replicator, which makes a headphone jack is transformed into double pin.

Headphones Maintenance
Because of its placement in the ear, ear headphones should be cleaned daily after use, to prevent infection. It is also suitable to clean them if more than three days without being used.

Cleaning the headset is taken with very clean hands, washed with mild soap, and a piece of soft paper, such as tissue paper, disposable napkin or a piece of toilet paper, moistened with pharmacy alcohol, wipe the entire surface of the plug and then dry it with a dry piece of soft paper.