The connected car: New war of Apple and Android

The connected car is one of the greatest challenges for automakers. The ‘internet of things’ gets behind the wheel. For years, some models incorporating adapted to new consumer habits (services Plugs for iPod or iPhone, speakerphone, integrated browsers). In the absence of a standard and a palpable right formula, each pounds their particular war. Next is mobile operating systems adapt to this industry.

connected car

The latest to join the bandwagon is Google and Audi, which could announce during the consumer fair CES 2014, held from 7 to 10 January in Las Vegas, a plan by which both are working to develop the appropriate Android operating system suitable for cars.

As reported by sources close to the story and collected by “The Wall Street Journal” This partnership will allow Android manages entertainment vehicles of German manufacturer and include a specific hardware inside the car and not just the phone. These systems are designed to allow drivers and passengers access to applications and services similar to those available on smartphones and tablets based on Android phones, a project that would be in the street no earlier than five years.

What’s more, Google also plans to announce other partnerships with other technology and automotive companies, including chip maker Nvidia, in order to establish Android as a key technology for future vehicles. Thus, the goal is to allow drivers and passengers of vehicles accessing music, browsing, applications and services that are similar to the functions implemented in the ‘smartphones’.

This announcement comes after Apple announced seven months ago that its iOS operating system can adapt to the car “in the car”. Both Apple and Google have accelerated its plans to develop its operating system and apply it to cars. But there are differences, since Apple’s platform integrates the iPhone into the infotainment system of the vehicle itself to provide access to maps, messages and other applications, while the idea of Google-Audi is launching “apps” based own Android running on the hardware of the car itself. For now, Apple already has the support of companies like BMW, Mercedes, General Motors or Ferrari.

Nobody wants to stay out of this battle. The Japanese automaker Mazda will also show its connectivity system on board – MZD Connect – and some of its future developments in this edition of CES. This system, recently launched the new Mazda3 is designed to exploit the full potential of “smartphones” in a safe and consistent manner with the use of the vehicle, the company says.

Also connected car manufacturers are working to create almost autonomous models. In fact, Audi could announce their new technologies that allow their cars to be driven automatically in certain situations.