The brute force of the robotic suits gets into factories

The implementation of exoskeletons is often related to the rehabilitation treatments, as was promoted in the failed public presentation of one of these robotic costumes at the opening of the Football World Cup in Brazil. It also tends to be the goal of many military developments, planning to emulate the performance of the equipment in the science fiction film Iron Man.

robotic suits

However, for the industrial division of the South Korean company Daewoo, the future of exoskeletons are in factories, with operators as cyborgs with extraordinary strength. With 28 kilos in weight, the costume consists of a complex hydraulic and electrical system with a battery that gives it a battery life of three hours.

In this way, operators can manipulate objects of up to 30 kilos with this prototype, with a target pointing to a capacity of 100 kilos, said Gilwhoan Chu, the project engineer.

Although must overcome several challenges in mobility and movement on slippery surfaces, Daewoo commitment to this robotic suit to boost automation and assistance of operators in the construction of container ships.