Tesla W8: First bq tablet with windows

Bq announces the launch of its new tablet, bq Tesla W8. bq surprised recently with the launch of its first device with Windows operating system. The new tablet bq features 10.1 inch IPS HD display. With a resolution of 1280 x 800 px, videos and movies are played in high resolution images are perceived clearly defined.

Bq Tesla W8

Bq Tesla W8 incorporates Windows 8, upgradeable to Windows 8.1, the latest operating system from Microsoft. The new bq device has the latest software package for Windows: Microsoft Office 2013, which includes the latest versions of Word, Excel and Power Point. It also incorporates the Paint program, Quick Tips and Windows Media Player.

In addition, Windows 8 provides applications for all kinds of needs: an extremely careful news app, music, travel and, of course, Internet Explorer 10 and SkyDrive application, one of the best choices of storage in the cloud with 7GB of available space. Also incorporates its own store, where you can access hundreds of free apps for both the Modern UI interface designed specifically for touch devices like Desktop.

Bq Tesla W8 integrates an Intel Dual Core processor to 1.8GHz with Hyper-Threading technology. Composed of two cores, each with two threads, use their resources more efficiently, allowing you to run more than one thread in each of their cores. Thus the overall performance of programs with many threads is optimized and, in many tasks, the user experience is comparable to that of a quad-core processor.

Its 2GB RAM optimize the management of multitasking and overall fluidity of the device and its 6200mAh battery supports more than nine hours.

Windows 8 also includes an antivirus and anti-malware program itself, so safety is bq Tesla W8 total. In addition, consumption of resources that makes it much less than its predecessor: the system works more energy efficient, the startup and shutdown speed is much faster and compatibility with other devices of last generation is greater.

Bq Tesla W8 features USB connection, Bluetoothâ„¢, eCompass and 2Mpx front camera.

Antonio Quiros, bq vice president, said: “With bq Tesla W8 we wanted to explore new horizons so far unknown to us, but along the same line for money that has brought us to this relationship”.

Bq Tesla W8 is available for €329.90 in supermarkets, specialty stores and the online company store.