Storage Capacity Of Videos Needs To Be Maintained

The capacity of storage of hard drives of computer earlier had 20 GB capacity but today it can be much more than that. However, the data storage is also increasing day by day since with advanced technology the movies today can be viewed at HD resolution.

video converter

Lowering down your video capacity then becomes a necessity. Added to that today with the availability and usage of smart phones and tablets the videos should be reduced in storage all the more.

The requirement is of good software which helps in saving the video in any format. In fact the preset can also be chosen for android phones, iPhone, Play station of Sony and others. The video converter helps in the processing of videos even if you do not have the slightest idea about it. To reduce video file size all that is required to follow some simple steps.

  • Installation of the software which helps in the conversion of video has to be done in the first step itself. The window of installation wizard opens and from that the downloaded file has to be launched. After that the instructions are to be followed from the computer.
  • From the program of interface ‘add video’ icon has to be clicked. Then the file dialogue window has to be opened. Then comes the part of selection of one or more than one video by clicking on ‘open’.
  • For more formats the preset button has to be clicked and usually the handiest format is chosen that supports almost all the devices. For other changes in the video you have to go the settings and various options like rate of frame, the resolution and ratio can be chosen. For minimizing the size of the video file the latest codec has to be selected which provides a high quality resolution.
  • The output of the video depends on the value of bitrate. If the size of the video has to be reduced then the value of bitrate also has to be decreased. The size of the video can be adjusted from the column of the output. The size of each video varies so accordingly it has to be adjusted.

The library of the Movavi saves all the files that are converted and the folder saved in drive C. For storing to another folder the field has to be specified. So along with reduction of video size other tasks are also fulfilled.