Stockfighter, the game that challenges your programming knowledge

Are you a fan of games in the purest style of capture the flag? Do you love to program and test your knowledge? You’ll love Stockfighter, precisely, it is one of this kind that has born focused so that only the most advanced programmers can win.


In fact, the idea is to approach a series of puzzles that can only be solved by writing code. Some challenges ranging from issues related to software security, distributed systems, and a number of other things that you can suppose. But what is it exactly?

To start the game will suffice to turn to their website ( and register with your e-mail account, a username and password. From that moment, you will receive a confirmation message in your inbox that you must click to start the game; which incidentally, initially it seems easy but it becomes more complicated.

Thus, through the first levels it is possible in just a few minutes, while average require 30 to 60, and the later even a whole afternoon or entire weekend. Does the target audience? Software engineers. In fact, Stockfighter is even a good scale for the enterprises specialized at the time of hiring one (in fact, and according to its developers, 15 worldwide already rely on it).

In any case, you will have to write the code in its REST API. Regarding the language, “you can use any with which you are comfortable, always and when people talk about HTTP”, it aims at the site in which it appears.

The application, it is also free and has a supportive community and forum in which it is possible to solve the doubts that we will emerge on the fly. If you find errors, in addition, you can report them directly to their creators (Erin Ptacek, Thomas Ptacek and Patrick McKenzie); whose main premise to illuminate this game has not been other than the fun.