Steve Jobs wanted the Sony VAIO functioned with Apple OS

A Japanese journalist has revealed something that many would be implausible. Nobuyuki Hayashi, a freelance journalist who has been commissioned to cover the source of Apple for 20 years, has published that the former President of Sony, Kunitake Ando, ​​confessed that Steve Jobs was interested in incorporating the Apple operating system on Vaio computers.

 Sony VAIO functioned with Apple OS

The Verge notes that in 2005 many users were surprised with the announcement of Jobs’ move from PowerPC to Intel. The alliance with Intel had launched five years ago until it was revealed.

Now, the news that OS may have had another partner, such as Sony, is even more “shocking”.

Hayashi remember Kunitake Ando told on a met he had with Jobs in Hawaii. After playing the game with other Sony executives, the former CEO of Apple approached. “Steve Jobs and other Apple executive were waiting for us at the end of the golf course holding a VAIO running with Mac OS” quotes Ando.

“Jobs had closed the business of “clones” of Mac years ago”, recalls Ando, ​​but explains that Steve Jobs liked both the Vaio line was “willing to make an exception”.

Hayashi points out that the time was not right to make an agreement of this type because just at that time the Vaio computers were gaining popularity. Sony had optimized hardware and as well as had adjusted to Windows, from Microsoft. “Because of this the majority in the Vaio team did not bother to think whether it was worth”, emphasizes the journalist.