Squito: Tennis ball-shaped camera for panoramic photos

The American inventor Steve Hollinger has created Squito camera that can take pictures and videos of 360 degrees thanks to its spherical shape and sensor system.

squito camera

The unique invention could be applied in sectors such as architecture, sports or the creation of 3D maps, but its release date is still unknown. Photography has evolved in recent years to the absolute limits and if we thought we had seen everything in this field, we were wrong.

Steve Hollinger Steve Hollinger has designed the camera Squito, a device shaped like a ball and a tennis ball able to take 360 degree panoramic photographs from the air. This peculiarity is given by position sensors and guidance, so that when this camera-ball is thrown, these sensors are able to fit the different aerial shots.

It also has a system of three cameras in one, since the three overlap and form the final panoramic image of 360 degrees. Another unique feature offered by this camera is to make panoramic videos, something that would be impossible without the stabilization system with which the device has.

And if all this were not enough, the camera also features WiFi, allowing easy dissemination of photos or recordings on the Internet and social networks. It is likely that this camera will become a new standard that would also have multiple applications in professional fields such as architecture, sports, recognition systems, search in difficult places, creating 3D maps, etc.

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