SoundBow: The app that lets you draw musical tunes with fingers

The technology applied to music is one of the most fertile fields right now as are merging fields that may never be able to have come if it were not for these interfaces. SoundBow is one of the innovators of the time as musical tunes lets you draw with your fingers.


SoundBow is the work of interactive design and programming group of Binaura, and allows users to create music by draw curves on the screen so that then the application remember these gestures and play them in the form of loops without order.

“Every time you give a rope with your gesture, a sound is produced”, Binaura explains on their website. “In addition to drawing, you can also experiment with moving the strings with freedom to give a new scale to the instrument, or record your own sounds into the microphone and begin creating melodies and soundscapes with your own voice. If you wish, you can also export your composition as an audio file”.

Binaura points out that created SoundBow with free and open source tools. They built the interface with OpenFrameworks and the sound engine with SodaLib, a free library of data sonification built in libPd.

The web version of SoundBow is open source and is available free of charge from the Github platform of Chrome Experiment, where users can modify it to their liking.