Sony presents the electronic ink tablet that wants to be the notebook of the future

Despite the fact that the tablets are all the winning in the classroom, Sony has launched something that could be considered as the future of the electronic notebook. This is the new tablet with 13.3-inch electronic screen that lets you take notes and save them in files.

Sony digital tablet

Imagine a great tablet, the size of a 12-inch iPad Pro, but where its display is not colored, but e-ink as the readers of eBooks. In addition, it is touch with a digital pen that allows you to take notes. It is essentially a digital notebook, more than a tablet.

The new version, called Sony DPT-RP1, has a display with a resolution of 1650 × 2200 pixels, if it is possible to say this way, as it has no pixels, but points. For now it only supports PDF documents, both for taking notes and for editing, but Sony is preparing an app called Digital Paper App that allows you to convert websites and documents to a format compatible with DPT-RP1 and send them wirelessly. It also includes NFC to unlock it with contact cards.

The problem with this Sony digital tablet/notebook is its high price. It has moved from the $1,100 that the first generation cost, to $700 for a Sony DPR-RP1. It is a prohibitive price and taking into account the prices of tablets compatible with digital pens, has no possibility.

Then: why does this Sony product exist? This is one of those products that are owned by Sony for Japan and that rarely leave their country of origin. In addition, it also helps Sony to improve its electronic ink technology, which will lead to a reduction of its price in the not too distant future.

These types of electronic ink tablets have something good, especially its simplicity and its battery lasts for weeks. In addition, availability of wifi and an internal memory can be used as a reader of large eBooks.