Sony Core: A small ‘wearable’ device to monitor your life

Sony has introduced a small device so that users monitor their activities of the day. Sony Core is connected to the “smartphone” via Bluetooth and is the “smallest device made ​​by Sony”.

Sony Core

The Japanese company aims to use this device integrating it in gadgets like the SmartBand and others to be included in the new family of Sony ‘wearable’, ‘SmartWear’. The Sony Core battery lasts five days. The device is water resistant. On the software side, Core will provide readings of data collected through a specific application, LifeLogger.

According to the company, this “gadget” gives the opportunity to change your life, offering “a control of daily activities represented visually in the application”. In this way, users can “remember the past, present and make the best plan for the future”.

The device will hit Europe for 99 euros and can be purchased packs of rubber bracelets in various colors that accompany it. Be launched during the first quarter, though Sony will be detailed during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.