Social TV, the new way to enjoy TV

Social media has completely changed the way we view television. Users now have new channels for debate and criticism, to promote the active participation of the viewers and enable two-way communication in real time, something that until the internet age was only possible through phone calls.

Social TV

In addition, social networks have proven to be powerful tools to influence social call, and applied to television may extol or sink spaces depending on whether the public sentiment is positive or negative. Therefore, taking into account its potential, now no chain or program that does not have profiles on Facebook and Twitter, and in most spaces live television issues are released so that viewers respond, which allows you to press the opinion of the public on topics of interest and collect the views more prominent or curious.

‘Apps’ for Social TV
The consolidation of Social TV trend has favored the emergence of all kinds of apps and tools that aim to improve the experience of users in social networks when commenting on the content of television.

A good example is Tockit, an application that integrates the functions of different social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, offers live chat for the characters of the programs to interact with users and lets users share what they are seeing or doing recommendations to our contacts.

Another ‘app’ of similar characteristics is Mash TV, a tool available for iPhone and iPad in which you can enter the chain or program you’re watching, easily share your views on social media, monitor the hottest topics related to your favorite programs.

But that’s not all. Potential of social networks to boost television or events spaces and encourage the active participation of the public or workers, have led to the development of ‘apps’ as Social Tweet Live, a tool for Android devices which you can set keywords and hashtags for display on a television screen, allowing you to create an interactive social channel.

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