Smarty Ring: A smart ring to control your phone

Smarty Ring is a smart ring that is synchronized with the ‘smartphone’ of the user and check notifications, receive calls and messages, check the battery status or activate the phone’s camera, among other features.

Smarty Ring

The creators have ensured that while most users check their phones every 6 minutes – 150 times a day – Smarty Ring reduces that time by 60 percent which is a significant battery savings.

The intelligent ring includes Bluetooth 4.0 technology to check the notifications in real time, whether phone calls or messages or news on Facebook, Twitter, Hangout or Skype.

In addition, the user can control the music, accept or reject calls, or activate phone’s camera. Also you can trigger an alert if the phone loses sight or more than 9 meters away.

On the other hand, it is waterproof and LED display allows use with all types of lighting. In addition, it incorporates wireless charger to charge both phone and smart ring. 22MAh battery is flexible and lasts 24 hours. To get started you need to download the application Smarty Ring for Android or iOS, with which you can adjust the clock brightness, volume or assign buttons.

The ring is 13mm wide and 4mm of thickness although it is possible order in different sizes.

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