Smart Shoes, another wearable success

Two Indian researchers trained in the United States, have offered for sale smart shoes called LeChal (“take me there” in Hindi), a development with GPS that guides the user through scheduled routes on Google Maps.


Smart shoes have a template with chip that connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Each shoe vibrates to indicate left or right turns, which can be of great help to people with vision problems and in fact the company collaborates with organizations in the industry offering this design at cost.

As for the commercial version costs between $100-$150 and it is focused on athletes (runners or cyclists) or users to focus on health, intending to acquire these smart shoes guided navigation service Google satellite and can show distance, time or calories consumed.

LeChal makers say they have purchase requests from twenty countries and hope to open new plants in India. It is not the “first shoes with GPS” but comes at a time of explosion of wearables that can help its extension.