SleepIQ Kids is the bed connected for the children

I must admit that such monitoring and control of activities causes me some burden, but also understands that we are evolving significantly in this matter, and in many cases it may turn out to be beneficial to users. The case that I will present in this article has to do with the little ones, and their beds.

SleepIQ Kids

The company Sleep Number IQ and was very active in the CES last year with connected beds, which in this new season decrease in size to be used by our children. Many sensors and WiFi connectivity enables older know their sleeping habits.

Many of the devices that measure our activities have special ways to quantify the state of our dream, our parameters in bed. But often presented as gadgets we carry in our body, in any case – remember – are on the bed itself.

Pressure sensors along the mattress can be determined with enough definition their night moves. You can also record other parameters such as their breathing or heart rate.

As expected, all that information is sent to mobile devices, where it is possible to analyze the behavior, thanks to an application called Sleep Dashboard. It’s no room even for games; unfortunately we do not have much information on this topic.

Taking advantage of the monitoring is carried out of the dream; the developers complete control and can add activities that take place outside the bed, as meals, sports carried out in the day. The idea is that it can detect behaviors that act in a particular way in the dream.

SleepIQ Kids

Playing with lights, alarms and angles
Given all this technology, it is easy to integrate alarm systems that warn parents that the child has gotten out of bed, or a parameter is out of the ordinary.

Returning to the physical possibilities of the bed, we see that the top of it can swell to change the angle, making it easy to sleep in certain situations. Also it is invited to perform other activities such as reading.

Finally, do not forget the implemented lighting system, which is placed in the bottom of the bed with a weak intensity out of the way, but left the room in complete darkness. It will also be controlled from the mobile application.

The SleepIQ Kids is an affordable device, but it does not seem that $1,000 be an exorbitant price for all it offers. Another issue is to assess whether it is necessary to plant this level of control in the lives of our little ones (there will always be cases where it makes sense). It will be a reality by the end of the year.