Skype launches new version

Skype has been updated. Among the major improvements in this new version you can send and receive instant messages from contacts that are offline; also be able to observe the history of chats and group chats from multiple devices.

skype new version

The timing of the conversions on multiple devices and it works properly, and the configuration of the group notices a device is synchronized with the rest, this does not have to configure the same option on all computers where we are using Skype.

Also, improvements have been incorporated in group chats; it is now based on Microsoft cloud with the following new features:

  • Send and receive messages when a contact is offline.
  • They send messages without an Internet connection, this way when we connect to the Internet will be sent automatically.
  • It will play the same record on all devices, synchronizing chats also includes group.
  • Read messages from group chats are marked as read in the other paired devices.