Second Life will launch a new version of its virtual world for the Oculus Rift Viewer

The virtual world Second Life wants to recover lost ground and announced the development of a version of its platform available for Oculus Rift viewers, acquired by Facebook for two billion dollars.

second life new version

With the premise of being a meeting point for characters modeled in 3D, Second Life managed to grab the attention to be presented as a novel platform where anyone mingled with celebrities and companies that disputed a space in this virtual world. However, the lack of interest of users to visit these places made ​​the company remain strong as a fad.

However, last year was a decade of life, and Linden Labs, the company behind Second Life, says that achieves sustained with 1 million visits per month and an average of 400,000 new registered users monthly.

In this new stage, Second Life plans to renovate its platform to suit the Oculus Rift viewers. A new version of the virtual world will be launched next year and in 2016 is expected to retail version is available. It remains to define how adaptations and migration of the previous platform will be made, in addition to figuring out how to be the kind of interaction that will have users outside of Facebook to use the viewfinder.

The goal of Mark Zuckberberg for the Oculus Rift device goes beyond the games and points in particular to the development of virtual reality adapted to telework, health, education, and entertainment areas. And it is there where Second Life, in their own way, seeks to renew and make the most of this new opportunity that is presented in its way.