Searchyapp: Tricks, facts and Easter eggs of google

Google is much more than a search engine is something that many of us have very clear. Using the appropriate commands, you can get Google to convert between units of measurement, it will report the cinema in your city, tell you the weather forecast for the next days or even you locate the lyrics of your favorite song.


Now all these tricks and a handful more are gathered in Searchyapp, a website that collects everything you can do with Google beyond search information. The site is well organized so that is very comfortable to consult, to find that trick you are looking for or even learn a new one.

Searchyapp displays your list of Google tricks organized by categories, and the top of the page you can mark or unmark, according to interests you have to look or not. Since given trick comes accompanied by a small scaled image to illustrate it, you can also choose the size of it.

The categories included in Searchyapp are:

Facts: How to know very specific data, such as all books published by a novelist, the release date of a film or the time difference between two cities.

Math: How to use Google to solve math problems.

Operators: What commands should be used for, for example, search within a certain range of numbers, exclude certain word of the results or search within a web.

Utilities: where to find the tools that Google hides like a graphing calculator, a stopwatch, a metronome, a currency converter and even a tip calculator.

Easter eggs: Small secret curiosities of Google, how to use the search engine in its 1998 version, hear animal sounds or generate a love poem.

The best of SearchyApp is that is not in what it already offers, but the list can go spreading thanks to the collaboration of the users themselves. So, if you know some trick or advanced functionality of Google that isn’t included here, you can send it to the developer through this Google Docs form.