SanDisk launches a certified microSD memory card to install Android applications

The company SanDisk has announced a microSD card designed to provide significant improvements in the performance of mobile applications. This is the 256 GB Ultra SD XC model, certified with the A1 specification, i.e., able to install Android programs.

SanDisk Ultra with A1

Since microSD memory card format is launched to the market more than over a decade ago, it has been instrumental in promoting new segments in the field of digital image and has had a significant impact on the evolution of smartphones. At present, and according to data from Strategy Analytics, approximately 75% of new phones have a microSD slot.

The new SanDisk Ultra improves the capacity and performance of smart phones, can store up to 24 hours of video and offering a transfer rate of up to 95MB/s. Thanks to the A1 specification, the card can start and run apps at a very high speed.

“The microSD has been an essential part of the digital revolution, by providing more options to achieve high performance and high capacity for smartphones storage”, says Dinesh Bahal, vice president of Product Management, Client Solutions Business Unit, Western Digital.

This type of card used to expand the capacity of photos, videos, music and many other digital files, maintains its evolution to withstand intensive environments in applications, paving the way to achieve a new dimension in the performance of the memory cards. With the introduction of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, users can increase the storage capacity of smartphones by selecting the microSD card as the preferred storage system, which means that the apps can now be downloaded directly from the A1 microSD card.

The A1 specification allows the new card to quickly open applications and process related tasks such as audio, graphics, archived profiles and permissions in the app and “help consumers identify the appropriate card that will ensure optimal experience when operating or opening apps on his smartphone” said Brian Kumagai, president of SDA.

The SanDisk Ultra with A1 is compatible with the SanDisk Memory Zone app for Android, giving users an easy way to manage and back up content on their devices. The app is available for free through the Google Play Store. The price of the card is around 190 euro.