Samsung would show its first folding phones in the MWC

Information from South Korea says that Samsung will present “smart phones and folding screens” at the Mobile World Congress, although not publicly. Industry sources point out that the electronics giant will come to Barcelona with several prototypes of great physical flexibility that will be shown in selected committee for their valuation by third companies and better predict their possible reception by the consumer.

samsung folding phones

According to information devices developed by Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display include folding products with display on the inside (as if these were a book) and exterior (similar to the prototypes shown by Lenovo few months ago or their own patent applications).

Apparently, panels with panels that can be folded from the outside are more likely to be commercialized, but the company wants to value the response to each other by offering a breakthrough to other companies (possibly mobile phone operators and customers of Samsung Display) before giving green light to its launch.

The screens and devices would be of folding type, which means that should bend to touch their ends as if it were a wallet. Although Samsung has not yet made the decision to produce such a device of these features, it seems that it has already secured the supply of the necessary raw materials to start the manufacture of displays whose technology has been working for years.

Precisely the only mass supplier of colorless polyamide (material needed to produce highly flexible displays) recently pointed out that the first folding devices should be launched sometime in 2017, although these would not enjoy certain popularity until 2018.

The contracts for the supply of components to other manufacturers tend to be signed with at least one year in advance, so that Samsung Display customers would probably not market their own devices until 2018 (at least).